Nurmuhamad Turkbaev in AUCA, March 2020, Photo taken by Osmonov Ulukmyrza

“I would like to be remembered as a person who broke stereotypes, who made something impossible,” says Nurmuhamad Turkbaev, a 20-year-old junior student at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA).

Nurmuhamad is born and raised in Batken, a small place in southern Kyrgyzstan, situated right in the Kyrgyz-Tajik border areas. His birthplace has, in a way, influenced the type of person he has become. He explains that the region is not developed in terms of education. There were no English or Russian teachers in his high school, so Nurmuhamad spent some of his summer vacations in the capital city…

Vladimir Stoev during an exposition in Inter Expo Center, November 2020, Photo by Inter Expo Center

It is April 2, 2021. Vitosha Boulevard is full of people enjoying one of the rare sunny days. A long queue stands out from the crowd that is otherwise dispersed all over the pedestrian street. Young and older people, together with little kids, are all waiting for their delicious yet beautiful cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate.

On the other side of the queue stands barista Vladimir Stoev, Bulgaria’s cappuccino art master. The 33-year-old young man has managed to win his clients’ hearts with the personal drawings he creates for them every day.

The barista pours the espresso into the…

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Journalists play an essential and risky role during the COVID-19 pandemic since they cover events on the spot. Online work for most of them is not an option, and that has had its effects on both their physical and mental well-being.

The number of journalists’ deaths since the beginning of the pandemic is indicative of the huge consequences of the virus on people in the field. “In one year, at least 840 journalists died from Covid-19 in 68 countries, more than 2 per day on average, the heaviest toll in the media community since World War II,” states the Press…

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According to The World Press Freedom Index (WPFI) for 2020, a tool evaluating the level of media freedom, the African country The Gambia occupies the 87 out of 180 places. Within the last five years, the country has made significant progress, having moved up 64 places.

The Gambia is a Western African country located on the Atlantic coast. It is Africa’s smallest non-island state but also one of the most densely populated on the continent, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, an online encyclopedia with information gathered by numerous contributors.

“Since dictator Yahya Jammeh’s departure in January 2017, the new president, Adama…

Daria Naidenova

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